In the recent years with the comparatively growing confrontation with recent history, except from one or two works, what has

Project Target

It is aimed at reaching official records and putting them visible to the public sphere to face this page of

Advisory Board

Rıdvan Akar  Currently, the CNN Turk news director Akar, serves in many areas as a journalist, author, programme production and

Partner and Sponsors

Partner  Universal Federation of Greeks of Istanbul Sponsoring Institutions  Open Society Foundation Sivil Düşün EU Programme Anadolu Kültür

Project Scope

Archive Work Even though the decree was made in 1964, 16th of March the public opinion has been created before

Project Members

Consultant: Rıdvan Akar Project Coordinator: Salih Erturan Creator: Hera Büyüktaşçıyan Copywriter/Editor: Güney Ongun Project Assistant: Özden Dönmez Graphic Design: Gül Dönmez Corporate Relations: Ragıp Zık, Nurdan Tarkan Public Relations:

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